Connections to Fellow Yacht Clubs

Camano Island Yacht Club (CIYC) subscribes to “Yacht Destinations” reciprocal directory/services for the benefit and conveniences to our members. Yacht Destinations’ site originated regionally and provides support for our members use of clubhouses and moorage at clubs ranging from Southern California, north to British Columbia, including Hawaii. It is important for CIYC members to research what privileges are available and afforded at participating clubs being visited, and their arrangement protocols.

Each reciprocal club offering moorage/use of facilities for visiting CIYC members is listed in the tab below or available online at Yacht Destinations.

Below is a table that lists the clubs that we have agreements with through Yacht Destinations. By clicking on a club's name you can see the facilities and services they offer to clubs like ours. Click on the Map tab to see them as pins on a map of the coast.

This table only shows clubs in our general area. To see clubs further away go to the Yacht Destinations website. There you will need to create a personal account which will allow you to see clubs in additional states.